A tender moment with a mama bear and cub was caught in some heartwarming pictures

All young children crave attention from mum – and this beautiful bear cub is no exception.

The tiny brown bear was spotted tenderly kissing his mother while enjoying some quality time with her.

Tragically, the cub recently lost his only two siblings – making these touching pictures all the more poignant.

Photographer Stefan Meyers watched the pair for an entire week, monitoring them for between six and eight hours a day in order to get the incredible shots.

‘There was not much activity most of the time, they slept a lot but for about one hour each day she would feed and play with her cub.’

He said they also regularly went down to a small lake to bathe.

‘It was difficult to get pictures because most of the time the bears where hidden by trees and shrubs,’ he added. ‘But I’m glad to have spent so much time with the bear and her cub. It was really lovely to see and a great experience.

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